Agile Modernization

Everware-CBDI offers a unique and powerful modernization approach leveraging the rapid iteration principles of Agile development methodologies.   Modernization initiatives are often large-scale and are bound to the legacy applications they are designed to replace, whereas Agile is best known for its success on smaller, “green-field” initiatives.   Functional transition strategies, data migration, and operational continuity are all aspects that make a pure Agile approach challenging to apply as a modernization approach.   

Everware-CBDI applies a proven combination of SOA, Model-Driven Architecture/Development (MDA/MDD), and Agile approaches to rapidly and iteratively deliver functionality – leveraging the “pros” and minimizing the “cons” of each approach.   This is truly a synergistic merger.

Characteristics of Everware-CBDI’s Agile Modernization approach are:

  • scalable engineering through service architecture and modeling provides the stable framework required by larger agile development efforts;
  • model-driven code generation dramatically increases the functional scope of iterations and decreases code breakage and integration issues;
  • agile techniques increase collaboration and sense of delivery urgency; and
  • projects are more predictable and manageable with commensurately lower risk.

Everware-CBDI Agile Modernization Case Studies