Architected Solution Development

Traditional applications are difficult to maintain and modify due to pervasive interdependencies – changing one aspect of the system can impact dozens of others. Everware-CBDI's Architected Solution Development reduces this significantly by employing loosely-coupled modules and applying the software engineering principles of abstraction and "separation of concerns" to isolate capabilities and reduce redundancy. Using a variety of disciplines, such as business process modeling, message management, and application modeling, artifacts such as business rules, workflow, and data are abstracted and consumed as needed within an agile application architecture. The focus of the approach is to be able to assemble new business capability quickly from existing assets – including models, services, virtualized data, processes and rules.

Everware-CBDI's Architected Solution Development applies a set of best practices to produce modern, agile applications that leverage existing or acquirable assets. The approach produces significant benefits in terms of reduced time and cost and is the keystone to providing responsive, efficient IT solutions to the business.

Our Architected Solution Development approach is:

  • engineered to accelerate the cost effective delivery of needed functionality;
  • designed to maximize use of readily available services including existing portfolio assets, off-the-shelf software components, and "cloud" services;
  • integrated with governance processes to ensure ongoing service quality and integrity; and
  • scalable to encourage service extension and consumption rather than replication.

Everware-CBDI Architected Solution Development Case Studies