CA Gen Modernization

The model-based application development tool CA Gen continues to be a mission-critical environment for many organizations today.  The CA Gen applications represent a significant investment, but because of their age often use outdated application styles and technology platforms that are limited in their support for today's modern architectures. Modernizing these CA Gen legacy systems can reduce ongoing operational risks, improve maintainability, and increase application utility.

Leveraging our nearly 20-year experience with CA Gen along with our proven tools, methods and techniques, Everware-CBDI provides flexible approaches to modernize CA Gen assets.  Whether your objective is to increase the efficiency of your current CA Gen environment or to transition those assets to new environments, we leverage your existing investments and the model-based characteristics of CA Gen to lower the cost and risk associated with modernization.

Everware-CBDI can modernize your CA Gen assets by:

  • upgrading your CA Gen environment to the latest release;
  • transforming your CA Gen models into a sound service architecture; or
  • transitioning your CA Gen applications to modern, open environments.

Everware-CBDI CA Gen Modernization Case Studies