CBDI Journal June 2012. Freely Available

The June 2012 CBDI Journal is now freely available.

Editorial: Raining on the “Cloud Service Model” Parade

Practice Guide: Everything is a Service?

Exploring the path towards a unified service model

The Cloud movement is discussing the term Everything as a Service (EaaS or XaaS).  In principle this is a welcome development, encouraging business and IT participants to adopt services and service oriented concepts everywhere. However it appears that the E/XaaS initiative may be more about marketing than reality. In this article we suggest how this very promising idea might be developed to clarify Cloud Service taxonomy and deliver convergence of business and IT perspectives in a Unified Service Model.  
By David Sprott

Practice Guide: Developing an Enterprise Mobility Framework

Is your enterprise ready for mobility and BYOD? It is a growing imperative, but not many are. Enterprise Mobility – the use of mobile computing within the enterprise – has gained significant momentum in recent times. This report establishes the requirements for an Enterprise Mobility Framework and outlines some of the key elements.

By Lawrence Wilkes