representation of meta modelCBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA

The CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA is a 'class model' of the concepts contained in the CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAETM) Reference Framework.  CBDI-SAE is a comprehensive, defined approach for SOA including taxonomy, classification and policies together with repeatable service engineering processes that guide the delivery of the agile enterprise, implemented in a knowledgebase with integrity between the architecture concepts, processes, tasks, techniques and deliverables.

Objectives of the Meta Model

  • To define the concepts used in CBDI-SAE by creating a 'class model' of these concepts. This model defines the associations, attributes and rules for the concepts, as well as supplying narrative definitions. This is far more powerful than concept definitions on their own.
  • To share these concepts with other organizations, with the intention that this will lead to a wider consensus on SOA semantics.
  • To provide a meta model of CBDI-SAE that could be used as the basis of a database design -- for a repository storing SOA project details.
  • To supply a meta model that is helpful to software vendors who are building tooling for SOA, and CBDI-SAE in particular.
  • To link SOA to business models, solutions, technology and organization structures, but without attempting to model these other domains in any detail.
  • To not restrict the service concept to software.
  • To provide a conceptual model of CBDI-SAE that balances comprehensibility with precision.

While the meta model enables Everware-CBDI to improve the precision of the CBDI-SAE process and techniques, it will also be needed by:

  • People following CBDI-SAE process and deliverable guidance, particularly architects, project managers, governance specialists and methodology advisors
  • Software vendors building tools that support CBDI-SAE

We also expect that our meta model will be of interest to SOA methodologists and architects in general, whether or not they intend to adopt the specific processes and techniques recommended by Everware-CBDI. While a few "corners" of the model may prove to be peculiar to CBDI-SAE we believe the bulk of the model will be helpful to practitioners interested in exploring the wider service development process.


The CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA specification is provided free for download to registered members.

UML Profile

The CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA is also provided for download as a UML Profile enabling practitioners to create models and deliverables based on CBDI-SAE. See the UML Profile page for details and downloads


Version 2

Details and downloads for version 2 of the CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA

Version 3

Details and downloads for version 3 of the CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA, which included SoaML mapping and is available in draft for feedback