Corporate Overview

Everware-CBDI is a global technology consulting company with world leading expertise in application modernization and service architecture and engineering. The company has led best practice development in service architecture and model driven development providing clients in all industry sectors and government with implemented solutions, enhanced capabilities, as well as documented, repeatable processes. 

In the early 1990's we recognized the potential for better-structured software and reuse. Initially we were evangelists and practitioners in the emerging field of software components at a time when there was widespread misunderstanding of basic component and reuse concepts. Many of us were on the front lines creating the architectural, technical, and managerial best practices for deploying business applications which consisted of large-grained, reusable software components.

Since its inception, Everware-CBDI has been an innovator of architectures and practices using all aspects of service and component based concepts, technologies and techniques. CBDI R&D was originally formed as a think tank in the late 1990's – undertaking research and best practices development for component based development and service oriented architecture.  This effort is now manifested in an evolving set of knowledge products used by organizations world-wide to help kick-start and accelerate their successful adoption and implementation of service architecture and solutions.

Complementing our service architecture expertise, Everware-CBDI has for many years embraced Model-Driven Development as an optimal approach for rapidly and consistently implementing service-based enterprise solutions.  We have extended open-source tools and frameworks to accelerate transformation of legacy applications as well as “green field” development.  By generating significant portions of an application based on industry standard model patterns, we dramatically reduce time and cost while commensurately increasing quality and maintainability.

In short – we’re a different kind of consulting company.  We specialize in collaborative engagements, merging and adapting proven techniques and processes for the optimal application within each unique organization and project.