Enterprise Architecture

Everware-CBDI focuses on transformational, practical EA that provides real insights and guidance to the organization – from both a business and IT perspective. We provide the full range of Enterprise Architecture services and are unique in integrating service-oriented patterns and incremental transition strategies into the architecture framework.  We treat EA as a customer service function – it exists only to serve management from the executive level down to the operational level.  As a result, our EAs are business-driven, provide transparent access to the repository of information, and support business analytics based on the EA contents. 

Everware-CBDI has extensive experience performing EA tasks at the enterprise and domain (segment) levels for both government and commercial organizations. Our approach brings many disciplines together into a coordinated framework.  Rather than dutifully filling in the cells of a checklist, we determine what the purpose of the EA is and identify the artifacts and analysis needed to fulfill that purpose.  We work closely with our clients to determine the best path for implementing the EA and exploiting it to derive real value.

Everware-CBDI’s approach to Enterprise Architecture:

  • is business-driven and fit-for-purpose - while common principles apply, each EA is different;
  • produces an implementable transition plan grounded on risk management and business priorities;
  • identifies opportunities for portfolio consolidation and "built-in" business agility;
  • provides the clarity and informed confidence necessary to achieve the enterprise vision within the realities of business and environmental change; and
  • delivers a wide range of valuable, relevant, and "living" artifacts that orient and initiate modernization projects.