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screen capture of an elearning moduleEverware-CBDI provides eLearning modules to support a wide range of skills and disciplines. Remote and or Just-in-Time education is ideal for educating a diverse, global professional workforce spanning multiple role and skill sets.

Everware-CBDI eLearning products consolidate the acclaimed research and practice guidance that is available from the CBDI Service Architecture & Engineering™ (CBDI-SAE™) Knowledgebase and the CBDI Journal into a highly accessible learning system. All the materials are original and authored by Everware-CBDI. 

The modules are classed as either Fundamentals or Practitioner. Fundamentals modules are intended for a broad audience that requires a consistent, detailed understanding of the subject. Practitioner modules are intended to equip individuals with the more detailed knowledge required for practice.

We don’t re-label videos of Face to Face classes as eLearning; we create short, narrow focused, fully scripted eLearning modules that are purpose designed.

We organize the eLearning modules into syllabuses for different roles. Of course SOA is about architecture, but we package the learning for architects, designers and project managers to make it as efficient as possible.


eLearning modules are available

eLearning can be combined with exams and quizzes, either for informal testing of completion in an in-house LMS environment, or on a more formal basis run by Everware-CBDI leading to certification.

The syllabusses listed right are available entirely in eLearning format (as well as face to face).

LMS SCORM Deployment

Deploying eLearning modules to an in-house Learning Management System (LMS) is

  • cost effective
  • enables student progress to be tracked
  • and better integrated with their career development

Everware-CBDI eLearning is SCORM compliant and can be deployed with integrated quizzes at the end of each module to ensure students have completed the module, or with full certification exams to measure their understanding of the subject and their ability to participate.

Everware-CBDI can customize the generation of the modules to suit.  Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Purchase On Demand - via Online Store

Access to individual eLearning syllabuses can be purchased on demand via our online store. See Purchase Options

Free SOA eLearning

See the sample eLearning modules below. (requires Adobe Flash. Opens in a new window)
These are freely available to registered users on a time-limited basis. We will change them regularly, so make sure you are registered with the site to be informed of newly published modules.

Everware-CBDI eLearning Case Studies

Sample eLearning Modules