Enterprise Mobility Framework

The following reports and resources are provided by Everware-CBDI to assist organizations in developing their Enteprise Mobility Framework

Enteprise Mobility Framework Report

Developing an Enterprise Mobility Framework

Is your enterprise ready for mobility and BYOD? It is a growing imperative, but not many are.

Enterprise Mobility – the use of mobile computing within the enterprise – has gained significant momentum in recent times. This report establishes the requirements for an Enterprise Mobility Framework and outlines some of the key elements.

Enterprise Mobility Framework Resources

Enterprise Mobility Capability Model

This document provides a capability model for Enterprise Mobility – the use of mobile computing in the enterprise. It provides a product and implementation agnostic view of the capabilities or functions required to support enterprise mobility.

Enterprise Mobility Concept Model

The Enterprise Mobility Concept Model defines the key concepts of Enterprise Mobility - mobile computing in the enterprise.