abstract image of time and moneyFrameworks

Accelerate your SOA with Everware-CBDI's ready-made Reference Framework.

  • Save time and money by not re-inventing the wheel
  • Leverage best practice
  • Mapped to industry standards and relevant initiatives such as TOGAF, ITIL, SoaML
  • Customize and extend to meet your specific needs

Everware-CBDI offers the following Framework products

Enterprise Mobility Framework

Everware-CBDI resources to support the Enterprise Mobility Framework

CBDI-SAE Reference Framework

The CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAE™) for SOA is a comprehensive, defined approach for service architecture including taxonomy, classification and policies together with repeatable service engineering processes that guide the delivery of the agile enterprise, implemented in a knowledgebase with integrity between the architecture concepts, processes, tasks, techniques and deliverables.

CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA

The CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA is a 'class model' of the concepts contained in the Everware-CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAETM) Reference Framework.