Everware-CBDI is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the CBDI-SAE UML Profile for SOA V3 (SAE Profile). The SAE Profile makes Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for SOA practical for everyone. Whilst introducing a sensible level of compliance with industry standards such as SoaML, the SAE Profile provides a more extensive and detailed coverage of the complete lifecycle, from business models to deployment. As well as capturing requirements in a precise manner, the ability to model service architectures and service specifications facilitates SOA governance with the production of more formal models and other key deliverables that conform to a detailed meta model.

  • Modeling Service Architectures and Service Specifications
  • Making MDA for SOA practical for everyone
  • Enabling sensible compliance with industry standards such as SoaML
  • Facilitating SOA governance, with production of formal SOA models and specifications
  • The CBDI-SAE UML Profile for SOA V3  is now available for download from the Everware-CBDI website. The profile is available by simple, no cost registration with the CBDI Forum, or login by existing members.

The SAE Profile allows architects and designers to use UML tools such as Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and No Magic Inc's MagicDraw and to create purpose designed, consistent deliverables for SOA.

The SAE Profile is based on the CBDI-SAE methodology which is defined in the CBDI-SAE meta model for SOA. This is a detailed set of meta class models that define SOA concepts at a level of precision suitable for project deliverables. The models are broadly scoped to integrate with architecture, design and solution delivery practices and span the entire life cycle.

Making the CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA available as a UML Profile enables users to model SOA design and architecture using diagrams that are UML compliant and to progressively define detailed meta data that can be used directly in key project and governance deliverables including all architecture views, service specifications, implementation, technology and deployment specifications.

The Version 3.0 upgrade includes:

  • Compliance with SoaML
  • Numerous extensions and upgrades to the profile reflecting the new V3 meta model, based on feedback on V2
  • More complete set of attributes, values and definitions
  • Detailed guidance on how to use the profile to create service architecture


  • Leverage common UML modeling tools to produce SOA specific models and deliverables
  • In-depth, full lifecycle coverage
  • Integrate SOA Modeling into the complete lifecycle
  • Associate SOA artifacts to business models
  • Associate service architectures and specifications to implementations
  • Compliant with industry 'standards' like SoaML
  • Practical level of abstraction that drives essential architecture, project and governance deliverables with traceability
  • It's Free!

Guidance Report

A new report “An Introduction to Service Architecture Modeling with the CBDI-SAE UML Profile for SOA V3” provides guidance on how to use the SAE Profile and walks through the process of modeling a service specification architecture.


The SAE Profile and the guidance report are provided free for download to registered members.

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