Everware-CBDI is pleased to announce that SOA eLearning and Certification is now available on-demand from our new online store with immediate effect.
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  • On-Demand SOA Skills Development for Individuals and Enterprises
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Low Cost, On Demand SOA Training and  Certification

Everware-CBDI integrated skills development  products are used by large enterprises, service providers and systems  integrators to educate, test and certify individuals independently of technology  platform. The products are not just for architects, they support the roles  involved in service planning, architecture, delivery and operation.
The new Everware-CBDI Store now provides  individuals with options to purchase both the eLearning and Certification  modules in a flexible, low cost way, either individually or as a bundle  including one year subscription to the CBDI-SAE™  Knowledgebase for SOA.
Purchase Options Overview: http://everware-cbdi.com/po-ed

New Sample Modules *** Try before you  buy! **

Experience the professionally developed learning and certification products.  These are not videos of face to face classes, they are learning products  designed to minimize your learning time. Certifications are online and provide  immediate feedback of results.
Visit the Samples page (registration required). The samples will be changed regularly.
We have made the following two new sample elearning modules available
  • 450 SOA Exception Management. In this module we explain  how to specify operation exceptions in an implementation independent manner.  In addition we describe a framework for SOA Exception Management for both  provider and consumer. Module is part of the Service Specification  Practitioner syllabus
  • 560 SOA Governance Fundamentals. The objective of this  module is to describe the core concepts of SOA Governance and how they  impact on the various disciplines involved in service planning, delivery and  management. This module is included in both the SOA Fundamentals and the SOA  Project and Program Manager syllabuses.
Sample certification questions
There are also sample certification questions available. These demonstrate  the process and will give you a feel for the types and style of questions you  will be asked. Certification questions are typically multiple choice style  questions. Practitioner certification also includes questions based about a  worked example model, not just concepts.

Special, Time Limited Knowledgebase Bundle Offer. Saving $550 or €425  or £400

The combination of eLearning, testing and certification together with the  CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase provides both Just in Time and Continuous skills  development.
  • Knowledgebase Bundle including all eLearning Syllabuses and one Syllabus Certification - $1200,  €900, £800
Offer lasts until July 31st 2011
Note. All prices excluding tax. All prices in the online  store will initially be shown according to your IP location.  Appropriate taxes  will be calculated based on your profile when you go to the checkout. 

Everware-CBDI SOA eLearning modules provide an approachable and efficient  way to develop SOA skills.

  • Audio visual eLearning provides essential information in focused modules  of approximately 20-30 minutes duration each.
  • Professionally delivered eLearning maximizes use of individuals’ time.  Not just a video of a face to face class.
  • Syllabuses available for all roles that need to understand SOA. Not just  architects.
  • The Fundamentals syllabus provides understanding of concepts and  practical realization of SOA including architecture, design, governance,  technology, management and adoption.
  • The three Practitioner syllabuses guide best practices for service  architecture, service specification and project management.
  • Online certification is now available for Fundamentals and Service  Practitioner syllabuses.
  • Consolidates CBDI Best Practices published over 13 years in the CBDI  Journal into a coherent SOA approach with actionable practitioner level  education.
  • Supported by the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA with advanced guidance, worked examples, tools and resources for continuous  and effective skills development.

Target Audiences for SOA Training and Education

The Everware-CBDI integrated skills development products are unique:
  • By supporting a broader set of roles not just architects
  • As professionally developed learning products, not just videos of face to face classes, minimizing learning time
  • Providing options for testing – to ensure personnel have completed eLearning modules and Certification – to provide professional validation of competence from a respected, independent authority
  • Get trained and certified with minimum cost and time
  • Achieve higher rate
  • Improve your skills
Service Providers:
  • Bring large numbers of personnel up to Fundamentals and or Practitioner level very rapidly
  • Certify your competencies with industry analyst surveys
  • Confirm your competencies for customers
  • Deliver higher value
  • Improve the quality of the delivered service
  • In the fastest time and lowest cost
Resource and Program Managers:
  • Ensure your entire teams have skills fit for purpose
  • Reduce ramp up time
  • Implement Just in Time training to optimize resources and schedules
  • Ensure a consistent understanding and nomenclature
  • Exert control over skills supplied by third parties
  • Integrate third party personnel into the team in fastest time and lowest cost
Education Managers:
  • Deliver consistent SOA skills for the broader set of roles
  • Provide cost effective skills development options
  • With minimum impact on delivery teams
  • Integrate management and reporting into the enterprise LMS

Everware-CBDI eLearning Products and Service

Everware-CBDI provides eLearning modules and certification to support a wide  range of skills and disciplines. Remote and or Just-in-Time education is ideal  for educating a diverse, global professional workforce spanning multiple role  and skill sets.
Everware-CBDI eLearning products consolidate the acclaimed research and  practice guidance that is available from the CBDI Service Architecture &  Engineering™ (CBDI-SAE™) Knowledgebase and the CBDI Journal into a highly  accessible learning system. All the materials are original and authored by  Everware-CBDI.
The modules are classed as either Fundamentals or Practitioner. Fundamentals  modules are intended for a broad audience that requires a consistent, detailed  understanding of the subject. Practitioner modules are intended to equip  individuals with the more detailed knowledge required for practice.

Enterprise Pricing

As well as being available on demand via the online store, eLearning modules  are available as part of the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase subscription or license for  independent acquisition for in-house hosting. Can be provided as SCORM compliant  modules for installation in a Learning Management System (LMS)
eLearning can be combined with exams and quizzes, either for informal testing  of completion in an in-house LMS environment, or on a more formal basis run by  Everware-CBDI leading to certification.
Contact us for Enterprise  Pricing

LMS SCORM Deployment

Deploying eLearning modules to an in-house Learning Management System (LMS)  is cost effective enables student progress to be tracked and better integrated  with their career development
Everware-CBDI eLearning is SCORM and 508 compliant and can be deployed with  integrated quizzes at the end of each module to ensure students have completed  the module, or with full certification exams to measure their understanding of  the subject and their ability to participate.
Everware-CBDI can customize the generation of the modules to suit.  Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.