This report is a follow-up to last month's article on the CBDI-SAE Profile - a UML Profile that enables SOA design and architecture diagrams that are UML compliant. This allows you to use the SAE methodology in any UML compliant tool. Last month's report was relatively technical, providing details of how the profile is defined. So in this month's follow-up report we provide guidance on how to obtain and use the profile and provide a user friendly example based on our well known case - Springfield Parcels.


The SAE Metamodel provides a robust set of metadata that supports the entire service lifecycle. Last month we presented a beta version of a UML Profile for the SAE Metamodel. A UML Profile is a mechanism that allows existing UML tools such as Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, No Magic's MagicDraw and Rational Software's Rational Software Modeler to immediately begin using a language that extends the UML with additional semantics and notation in a standard, shareable manner.

Since that time, CBDI Forum has been working on producing an example model that

  1. exercises the design decisions made, and
  2. illustrates how the SAE Profile can be used to model a fairly complete service architecture.

The example explores Springfield Parcels, Inc., a fictitious parcel delivery company with some rather special needs. Although the reader may find some of the models relatively simplistic, it is our hope that they will further illuminate the semantics of the SAE metamodel and show how it can be used within the service lifecycle from understanding the business through to deployment of software services on an organization's service runtime infrastructure. Please refer to last month's article for the details of the profile itself.

Continued in PDF...

Document Download: Using the CBDI-SAE UML Profile V2.0 (pdf)


In this report we provide guidance on how to obtain and use the CBDI-SAE UML profile for SOA and provides a user friendly example based on our well known case – Springield Parcels.

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Published: 1 Jun 2015 16:05


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