Editorial: The Service Oriented Enterprise

Stop talking about SOA, start talking about the Service Oriented Enterprise. It’s a business issue.
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By David Sprott.

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Research Report: Business Design for the Service Oriented Enterprise

Business design is set to undergo a dramatic transformation. The convergence of ecosystem automation and autonomics, architecture for continuously evolving business, together with the merger of consumer and business IT will have a profound impact on conventional business models.
By David Sprott
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Practice Guide: Capability Planning and Analysis

Our experience is that capability can provide a really powerful mechanism to justify, drive and govern service delivery and provide integrated business and IT planning and management. This report outlines a structured approach to the analysis and planning of business and IT capabilities.
By Lawrence Wilkes
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Practice Guide: Using Capability Planning and Analysis

This report looks at various ways in which Capability Planning and Analysis might be applied in specialized scenarios and service portfolio planning.
By Lawrence Wilkes
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