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Everware-CBDI has announced that, commencing with the September edition, the widely respected CBDI Journal is now available on a quarterly basis and freely available on registration.

Published continuously since 1997 the CBDI Journal is one of the most respected sources of in-depth, practitioner level guidance on SOA, modular architecture and design. The Journal content will continue to provide detailed, independent practice guidance that helps architects, project managers, business analysts and other IT professionals accelerate the planning and execution of architecture and delivery projects.

Over the past five years CBDI Forum has undergone a planned transformation from SOA industry analysts to become practice developers for SOA based application modernization. The collective CBDI-SAE practices and resources are now made available in the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase (KB) – a coherent structure and framework toolkit for best practice using modern, modular architecture and agile practices.

All CBDI Forum premium members have transitioned to the KB for some or all of their personnel. All current CBDI Forum Silver and Gold members who do not currently have KB access rights may now request access the KB for the remainder of their current subscription period. To request access, please sign in and follow the link to request corporate membership.

CBDI Forum founder and editor of the CBDI Journal David Sprott commented, "Over 13 years, the CBDI Journal has provided inspiration and practical help to many larger enterprises worldwide. By making the CBDI Journal freely available we look forward to making our guidance available to many more individuals and enterprises in the future."

Hans Diepstraten, Enterprise Architect and Partner at Creetion, a consultancy company for Enterprise SOA and Business Process Management said, "I have followed the CBDI Forum for many years and always found great insight and value in their work. Making the CBDI Journal available to a wider audience will help us all to improve our SOA practices."

September 2010 CBDI Journal Contents:

  • Editorial: Ten Tips for Outsourcing/Offshoring Success
  • Update: The CBDI-SAE Reference Framework in 2010
  • In Depth: Integrating BPMN into the SAE Architecture and Delivery processes
  • Knowledgebase Update and Usage Guide

Get your edition of the September CBDI Journal now at:

CBDI Forum is the Everware-CBDI research capability and portal providing independent guidance on best practice in service oriented architecture and related disciplines. Working with F5000 enterprises and governments the CBDI Research Team is progressively developing structured methodology and reference architecture for all aspects of SOA based application modernization.

Contact: David Sprott, +353 28 38073