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The Agile Application Modernization Project (pdf)

The Agile Application Modernization Project (pdf)

The Architecture Component of the CBDI-SAE Reference Framework for SOA (pdf)

This article provides an introduction to the Architecture component of the CBDI-SAE Reference Framework for SOA and the rationale that went into its creation.

The CBDI-SAE Reference Framework in 2010 (pdf)

A description of the CBDI Service Architecture & Engineering framework for SOA in terms of its origins, objectives, principles, rationale, process and components and a discussion around how a reference framework needs to evolve to support user requirements today and in the future.

Update to the Example Model Based on V3 of the CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA (pdf)

This report provides an update to the UML Profile for the CBDI-SAE Meta Model V3 for SOA, focusing on the core areas and those that illustrate alignment with SoaML.

Using Capability Planning and Analysis

This report looks at various ways in which Capability Planning and Analysis might be applied in specialized scenarios and service portfolio planning.

Using the CBDI-SAE UML Profile V2.0 (pdf)

In this report we provide guidance on how to obtain and use the CBDI-SAE UML profile for SOA and provides a user friendly example based on our well known case – Springield Parcels.
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