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A Meta Model for CBDI-SAE (pdf)

Provides a meta model for SOA. The meta model is presented in the form of several UML class diagrams. Each diagram depicts a number of CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering (CBDI-SAE) SOA concepts, and shows how these concepts are related. The main attributes of each concept are given. Each of these diagrams provides one particular view of the overall unified meta model.

Applying ESB (pdf)

This report looks at the use of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to support layered architecture and varying business requirements and considers the benefits an ESB can deliver. It also looks at appropriate ESB deployment patterns.

Beware the New Silos. A governance approach to coordinating the disciplines involved in business improvement (pdf)

Beware the New Silos. A governance approach to coordinating the disciplines involved in business improvement. CBDI Journal

BPMN and its role in Application Modernization Projects (pdf)

Across the industry Application Modernization is a synonym for legacy renewal and transformation. It's widely viewed as a technology based process. In contrast we recommend that modernization must be business driven.

Business Design for the Service Oriented Enterprise

Research Report: Business Design for the Service Oriented Enterprise Business design is set to undergo a dramatic transformation. The convergence of ecosystem automation and autonomics, architecture for continuously evolving business, together with the merger of consumer and business IT will have a profound impact on conventional business models. By David Sprott

Business Driven Cloud Strategy (pdf)

Cloud is rapidly gaining acceptance in the provisioning of utility IT resources, but we must look beyond the purely technology considerations to understand the broader implications and opportunities for business. In this report we outline a roadmap planning approach that integrates Cloud Computing, SOA and BPM in delivering new business models.

Capability Planning and Analysis

The Capability concept is widely accepted as a useful technique to bridge the business perspective and the service architecture. But capability identification is frequently as far as it goes. Our experience is that capability can provide a really powerful mechanism to justify, drive and govern service delivery and provide integrated business and IT planning and management. This report outlines a structured approach to the analysis and planning of business and IT capabilities.

Case Study: Application Modernization - Portfolio Pathfinders (pdf)

In this report, we narrate an actual modernization project undertaken by Everware-CBDI North America. The case study illustrates how the Agile Application Modernization approach is used in practice to deliver demonstrably modernized solutions that reflect future business needs.

CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA Version 3 Draft Report (pdf)

This article presents a “draft” publication of Version 3 of the CBDI-SAE Meta Model. It incorporates some changes based on our continued work with customers and standards organizations and provides a mapping to SoaML so that end users can reap the benefits of both the breadth and depth of the CBDI-SAE Meta Model as well as the capabilities that tool vendors will develop based on SoaML.

CBDI-SAE2 Application Modernization Process (pdf)

In this report we examine how the CBDI-SAE process can evolve to support Application Modernization, by introducing new disciplines to cover the planning and architectural aspects of Application Modernization, the discovery of knowledge encapsulated in the applications, and finally to perform the reengineering that may result in new business requirements.
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