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Learn by Example. A Populated CBDI-SAE Model (pdf)

To help readers get a better grasp of the CBDI-SAE meta model, this report walks through the model providing examples of the concepts and their properties.

Making Sense of Cloud Computing (pdf)

The terms virtualization, utility computing and Cloud computing are often used interchangeably which can be very confusing. This report aims to provide clarification - to identify the similarities and differences in those characteristics, and provide a framework in which organizations can decide which capabilities they require in specific situations – as it is unlikely that one model alone will suit all requirements. By Lawrence Wilkes

Orbus Software iServer 2009 (pdf)

The ubiquity and ease of use of Microsoft Office means it is widely used to produce documentation to support IT architecture and delivery projects. However, from a governance perspective this is often far from ideal as there is little to manage the consistency, integrity or sharing of deliverables and metadata documented in this way.

OutSystems Agile SOA Platform (pdf)

The OutSystems Agile Platform is a unified software development environment that provides full life cycle support for composing Web business applications using Agile methods. In this report we overview how the combination of product architecture and agile methods are used to deliver SOA based solutions.

Salamander MooD - Modeling Business Driven SOA (pdf)

The Salamander Organization have recently introduced SOA modeling capabilities to their MooD Business Architect toolset, supporting the CBDI Forum's SAE Meta Model for SOA. In this report we look at how MooD delivers convergence of both business and Service architecture modeling, and examine the coverage it provides for the meta model.

Service Contracts in the Service Oriented Process (pdf)

In this report we extend our SOA guidance to cover evolution of specification artifacts across the full service life cycle, in an integrated way, to include all the involved parties.

Service Portfolio Planning and Architecture for Cloud Services (pdf)

In this report, we show how the CBDI-SAE approach can be used and extended to architect for Cloud Services. We extend our current SOA guidance with new and refined classification systems, diagrams, policy types and techniques.

SOA Adoption - Roadmap Planning Framework Update (pdf)

This guidance note provides further structure in support of the SOA Adoption Roadmap Planning Work Packages and Tasks.

SOA Governance: Challenge or Opportunity? (pdf)

This article distills the main lessons learnt in the form of a SOA governance framework with practical guidelines for progression in real world contexts

Software AG CentraSite ActiveSOA (pdf)

CentraSite is a SOA governance and lifecycle management product from Software AG. This report looks at how an enterprise user organization may customize and extend the provided capabilities to support the meta model underlying Service Lifecycle Automation and SOA Configuration Management as discussed in recent reports.