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Model Driven Development Consulting Service Datasheet (pdf)

With Model-Driven Development, Everware-CBDI has an alternative modernization approach to make software architecture, engineering, and transformation achievable and affordable.  Up front investments in modular and service architectures, repeatable patterns, and code generation pay dividends down stream with significant reductions in code/test/integrate tasks. 

CA Gen Modernization Consulting Service Datasheet (pdf)

Everware-CBDI offers a comprehensive set of services for modernizing CA Gen assets.  Leveraging a variety of tools, methods and techniques, we provide a proven way to extend and/or port CA Gen applications to a modern service-based environment, increasing the ROI of these applications by leveraging the model-based characteristics of the CA Gen toolset.

SOA Governance Consulting Service Datasheet (pdf)

Datasheet for Everware-CBDI's SOA Governance Consulting Services.

Everware-CBDI provides consulting services to accelerate customers’ SOA Governance set-up, either by using the CBDI-SAE framework directly, or by customization or simply by reference, using the CBDI-SAE approach as a basis for developing a customer specific practice. In addition to guiding framework set-up, Everware-CBDI assists customers by providing independent governance review, either on a skills transfer basis, or by providing independent review or both.