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CBDI-SAE2 Framework for Application Modernization (pdf)

Application Modernization is a commonly used term covering a wide range of practices and technologies. In this report we explore how the CBDI SAE framework can be evolved to provide a repeatable, business driven backplane for effective application modernization practice.

Creating a UML Profile from the CBDI-SAE Meta Model V2.0 (pdf)

This article lays out a UML profile that maps the CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA to UML and may be used as the basis for capturing a complete set of CBDI-SAE models in a standard UML tool.

Developing an Enterprise Mobility Framework

Is your enterprise ready for mobility and BYOD? It is a growing imperative, but not many are. Enterprise Mobility – the use of mobile computing within the enterprise – has gained significant momentum in recent times. This report establishes the requirements for an Enterprise Mobility Framework and outlines some of the key elements.

Establishing the SOA Reference Architecture Framework (pdf)

In a collaborative, shared, reusable SOA world the reference framework provides a common backplane for federated service and solution development and assembly.

Everything is a Service

Everything is a Service

IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (pdf)

This report takes a look at the capabilities provided by the IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR).

Implementing the Layered Service Architecture with TIBCO (pdf)

In this report we look at the suite of products offered by TIBCO, and consider how they can be used to implement the Service Architecture best practice recommended by Everware-CBDI.

Information Services Architecture for Responsive Process Management (pdf)

Business process management is evolving to incorporate dynamic response to events. In this environment the information services architecture must also evolve to provide a broader set of information that complements the transactional business process perspective. By David Sprott

Innovative Business Process Design (pdf)

Innovative Business Process Design CBDI Journal

Introduction to SoaML and its Place Within the CBDI-SAE Meta Model (pdf)

In this report we will introduce the SoaML and highlight and contrast similarities and differences with the CBDI-SAE Meta Model and UML Profile, and provide first level recommendations on how CBDI-SAE users can adopt SoaML with minimum disruption