Information Sharing

Information Sharing initiatives, although common in commercial domains such as Banking and Healthcare, are becoming pervasive at all levels of government, particularly within the Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Health, and Human Services domains. Much of the early work in these domains has, by necessity, focused on the establishment of a common lexicon, semantic definitions and associated ontologies. As a result of these efforts in the federal government, a growing set of Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD’s) have been established within the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) to define both data and context.

Although IEPD’s define the exchange standards, it is still necessary for the each agency to implement the automated processes for populating a selected IEPD with their own data. Since source data schemas and the applications that manage them are unique, each implementation is often a custom solution. Over time, this approach is likely to yield an extensive inventory of single-purpose solutions with replicated/overlapping functionality that is expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

In response to this challenge, Everware-CBDI has:

  • leveraged its proven service architecture capability to efficiently produce architecturally sound, flexible Information Sharing solutions;
  • developed an advanced framework and toolkit which enables us to more quickly produce consistent results within a repeatable process; and
  • applied that framework to rapidly deliver secure, high-quality information sharing solutions that are fully NIEM compliant.

Everware-CBDI Information Sharing Case Studies