Java EE Pre-built Services


Everware-CBDI has concentrated its service-based component research and development activities on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) standard to leverage our  enterprise components and model driven development experience.  This standard is widely supported and is a proven environment for building and deploying industrial-strength applications. Java EE is specifically engineered to support service-oriented, componentized applications delivering services across heterogeneous platforms.

Everware-CBDI has developed a set of infrastructure components that provide an extensive array of technical and business services, which complement the technical services provided by the Java EE standard implementation.  These components provide a consistent base of supporting services that are required by most business applications - thereby providing significant time and cost savings in the development of J2EE applications.  We offer our Java EE components for individual sale and license them as part of solutions delivered by our consulting services.

Ordinarily, custom enterprise software services are time-consuming to build.  To address this issue, Everware-CBDI applies model-driven development to affordably and rapidly define and build completely open, custom Java EE service-based components based on industry-standard patterns.  We deliver these custom components as source code with no proprietary "required compiled classes" so they're completely maintainable and extendable by your experienced Java/Java EE developers.  Besides all the source code, our Java EE components are delivered with full documentation, a generic deployment descriptor and a test harness that allows the component to be completely exercised without having to build a front-end.

For more information, download our datasheet or review the functional details of the pre-built services listed below.

List of Content


Provides the capability to define and maintain physical and/or electronic locations by which meaningful communication may occur.  This dynamic component accommodates the varied nature of international addresses, as well as the complex political boundaries found in some urban areas.

Audit History

Provides the capability to track before and/or after image copies of data records. This can be used as an audit trail of the changes made or as a history of state changes to a data record.

Code Table

Provides the capability to create a central repository of standard business codes.  The repository is open for use by any application and is extensible to that application’s needs.

Exception & Message Handling

Provides a standard approach for exception handling across components and applications.  It enables error message retrieval, and dynamic alterations in error messages.

Instance Id

Ensure monotonically incrementing Instance Ids for each specific namespace (item for which Ids are required). Leverages Id caching to ensure high performance.


Provides the ability to record and group textual remarks/comments that are associated to business objects within a consuming application or component.


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