Portfolio Transition Engineering

The heart of any strategic modernization effort is the plan for evolving from the existing portfolio of applications and capabilities to the future target set.  This transition is typically undertaken on a domain by domain basis and requires engineering discipline because no organization can afford to be without access to critical capabilities at any point in the transition.

Everware-CBDI’s Portfolio Transition Engineering approach builds on the Everware-CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering™ (CBDI-SAE™) methodology and is characterized by frequent, scheduled releases that incrementally move the portfolio of IT assets toward the target architecture.  This approach is business driven, prioritizing business capabilities and their dependent services and software components, while decreasing transition risk and increasing delivery efficiency.

Everware-CBDI offers a range of Portfolio Transition Engineering services, including:

  • identification and prioritization of business drivers;
  • capability dependency modeling;
  • architecture alignment and development;
  • legacy application assessment and legacy service harvesting; and
  • release planning support and implementation management.