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CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA

Access to the Knowledgebase hosted by Everware-CBDI is available by subscription with options for numbers of individuals requiring access.

A Knowledgebase subscription includes access to all elearning content, and an individual subscription purchased online also includes the cost of one certification.

The Knowledgebase may also be licensed for customer specific use to facilitate customization and extension.

The table below lists the standard subscription plans.

We are always happy to discuss your unique requirements and tailor our plans to meet your individual requirements. Please contact Everware-CBDI to discuss.

Everware-CBDI Hosted Subscription Plan

Annual Subscription


£ - UK

$ - RoW

 € - EU


Individual Platinum

Special Offer Price

800 ex VAT
960 inc VAT

1200 no tax

900 ex VAT
1080 Inc VAT

Individual use. Purchase online

Includes one CBDI Certification

Individual Platinum
(list price)

1000 ex VAT
1200 inc VAT

1500 no tax

1100 ex VAT
1320 inc VAT

Individual use. Purchase online

Includes one CBDI Certification

Platinum 10

4000 ex VAT
4800 inc VAT

6000 no tax

4500 ex VAT
5400 inc VAT

Access for 10 Users

Platinum 25

8000 ex VAT
9600 inc VAT

12000 no tax

9000 ex VAT
10800 inc VAT

Access for 25 Users

Enterprise Platinum

17500 ex VAT
21000 inc VAT

25000 no tax

20000 ex VAT
24000 inc VAT

Unlimited access within enterprise
Includes 3 day workshop

Note: Corporate Gold customers with a current subscription as at August 2010, are entitled to register an unlimited number of qualified, permanent personnel as Knowledgebase Users for access to core content excluding eLearning materials, irrespective of current plan level. This facility will be provided for the remainder of the current subscription.

Internally hosted license

Price On Application

Price On Application


To facilitate customization for customer specific framework

Pre-built Software Services & Components

Price On Application.  Bundle pricing available.  Contact Everware-CBDI to discuss technology and business requirements.