SoaML Profile

SoaML (Service oriented architecture Modeling Language) is a draft specification from the Object Management Group (OMG), describing a UML profile and metamodel for the design of services within a service-oriented architecture.

Everware-CBDI was involved in the development of SoaML

The SoaML Profile in Sparx Enterprise Architect format is provided free for download to registered members.

Resources and Downloads

Introduction to SoaML and its Place Within the CBDI-SAE Meta Model (pdf)

In this report we will introduce the SoaML and highlight and contrast similarities and differences with the CBDI-SAE Meta Model and UML Profile, and provide first level recommendations on how CBDI-SAE users can adopt SoaML with minimum disruption

SoaML Profile (XML)

UML Profile for SoaML in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect v7.1 UML Profile format. XML

SoaML Profile V02 (.eap)

SoaML profile Model in  Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect v7.1 Model File format. EAP

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