Application Modernization for the Service Oriented Cloud

Applications in the Service Oriented Cloud should be architected to take advantage of Cloud characteristics. They should be:

  • Componentized – loosely coupled, black box components with narrow focus that supports a single business capability
  • Autonomous – minimum dependencies
  • Stateless – Service invocations must make no assumptions about prior interactions and ensure the integrity of the business state 
  • Service bearing – all dependencies are implemented as services
  • Secure – designed to facilitate application level security
  • Generalized – similar functionality and or patterns are clustered into common capabilities that offer differentiated services by context
  • Part of a Portfolio – all components and services offering and reusing common capability services
  • Composable – designed to be used by and or in conjunction with other services

Properly architected components and services will enable portability between Clouds, and business systems that are highly responsive to business change. In contrast migrating conventionally designed, monolithic applications to the Cloud will result in potentially insecure, inflexible business support.

In consequence, for most organizations, very few existing applications will be capable of migration to the Service Oriented Cloud without modernization.

Everware-CBDI has demonstrated agile approaches to modernization that break with conventional legacy transformation. Application modernization can be low risk, delivering smaller units of functionality on an evolutionary basis. Everware-CBDI consulting application modernization offerings include: