Service Oriented Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Cloud Computing is a major change in the way we deploy services and applications. But equally it’s a big step up in SOA delivery capability. The leading Cloud platforms are all completely service oriented and demonstrate sophisticated, next generation SOA implementations. These provide, in a cost effective manner, the mature delivery environment that advanced SOA solutions require in the Service Oriented Cloud.

Integrating SOA and the Cloud

Everware-CBDI advise that, for service based solutions Cloud and SOA need to be planned and managed together to deliver maximum benefit from both concepts. Everware-CBDI has the deep expertise that can accelerate clients’ delivery of Cloud based services.

Next Steps

  1. Talk to Everware-CBDI about how our consulting services can accelerate your cloud and SOA maturity and support for critical business strategies.
  2. Subscribe to Everware-CBDI knowledge products to accelerate Cloud and SOA capability development.
  3. Use Everware-CBDI skills development products to ensure all business and IT roles are educated and certified in the fast emerging Service Oriented Cloud.

Application Modernization for the Service Oriented Cloud

Everware-CBDI has demonstrated agile approaches to modernization that break with conventional legacy transformation. Application modernization can be low risk, delivering smaller units of functionality on an evolutionary basis.

Service Oriented Cloud Architecture

Everware-CBDI provides a range of services to assist customers to assess current service and data architectures, establish their reference architecture and repeatable process to ensure consistency and quality, develop and evolve service architecture and the service portfolio for project, programs, domains or for the enterprise.

Service Oriented Cloud Assessment

Everware-CBDI offers an independent assessment service that provides an unbiased review of current and required capabilities in context with Cloud relevant business and IT goals.

Service Oriented Cloud Strategic Planning and Roadmap

Everware-CBDI provides consulting services to support organizations in their development of their roadmap for SOA adoption, helping them to assess their current state and then to determine the capability required to achieve their objectives.