Service Oriented Cloud Strategic Planning and Roadmap

Everware-CBDI has guided many F2000 companies and government departments in establishing strategic plans for SOA and the Cloud. Our experience is that strategic plans for Cloud and SOA must be tightly integrated. The plans must anticipate continuous change in external and internal capabilities and competencies. Plans should not be technology driven, nor enterprise wide. They should facilitate business and technology innovation.

Without a comprehensive plan in place that incorporates Cloud and SOA concerns, organizations will flounder, driven by technology concerns and tactical business priorities. In contrast the integrated plan will allow an enterprise to drive extraordinary competitive advantage.

The scope of the strategic plan should reflect core business service strategies. This is unlikely to be an all-encompassing enterprise level plan, rather a cross cutting plan driven by business domain or value chain or Agile projects that ensures business innovation and restructuring opportunities are not limited by existing application boundaries or As-Is model perspectives. The objective should not be to establish a "one size fits all" Cloud for the enterprise, rather a coherent framework in which alternatives can coexist with strong governance over key policies.

At all costs avoid bottom up planning based on technology.

Everware-CBDI emphasizes a collaborative approach to planning which ensures the client organization owns the result. We use a transparent, structured approach that ensures an appropriate mix of business and technology. Depending upon circumstances this can include:

  • Capability maturity model
  • Business improvement and agility models
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Outline Service and Solution Portfolio
  • Outline Service, Security, Information architecture
  • Outline (Cloud and non Cloud) Deployment architecture
  • Roadmap and Transition Plan
  • Business Case