Service Specification Practitioner eLearning Syllabus

Across 9 modules lasting 4 hours, this syllabus provides education in completing a rich Service Specification, covering the different sections of the Service Specification, including techniques in specifying operation logic.

This syllabus is aimed those responsible for producing or consuming Service Specifications, including

  • IT Architects and Service Specification Designers
  • Solution architects and assemblers
  • IT developers implementing Services
  • Program/Project Managers


Module Title Learning Objectives
340 Role of the Service Specification To understand the role of a service specification within the SO process
360 Service Specification Content The ability to read and understand a service specification and the purpose of each specification element
380 The Service Description and its Properties To understand and be able to complete a service description and its properties.
400 The Service Information Model To understand and be able to create a service information model.
420 Documenting Service Behavior To understand and be able to document service behavior.
440 Documenting Operation Logic To understand and be able to document operation logic.
450 SOA Exception Management To understand and be able to further document operations logic with exception logic.
460 The Specification and Design Process To understand and be able to apply the service specification and design process.
490 Automation Unit Specification The objective of this module is to understand and be able to deliver automation unit specifications.

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