Why Choose Everware-CBDI

  • We are specialists in SOA and Modernization – we don't do anything else.
  • We have specialized in modernizing applications with service and component architecture.
  • We have developed methodology, tools and services that are made available to our customers so they don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • We don't make up our story on the fly!
  • We can accelerate your SOA capability maturity. When SOA becomes mission critical we can accelerate your learning curve with minimum risk and cost
  • When the existing portfolio places a brake on the business we can show you how to rapidly evolve to a better architecture with minimum risk and cost.
  • We work collaboratively with our customers so they retain the knowledge and skills to manage and maintain the integrity of their architecture.
  • We are independent of the major platform vendors, and can work with them all. We don't borrow your watch and tell you the time.
  • We can take you from business requirements, through architecture and knowledge discovery to service and solution delivery.
  • We have been there before.

Unlike product vendors and traditional consulting firms, Everware-CBDI uniquely combines research and delivery capabilities to make the vision of SOA a reality for our commercial and government clients – providing repeatable practices and solutions for service architecture and application modernization. We accelerate capability maturity and reduce risk through incremental, managed success – delivering and adapting methods, processes, and solution artifacts to establish and execute the strategy, architecture, and policy that drives successful modernization.

Whether your need is a service-oriented enterprise architecture, an operational service solution, or anything in between, we can help enable your success. Give us a call.